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Jay Menice has been performing his silly antics as Tom Foolery in New England for over 20 years! (He was one of the last Bingo the Clown performers for the Ground Round Restaurant back in 19...well, never mind. It was a long time ago!)

 A favorite at libraries, daycares and birthday parties, his punny magic and prop humor will make your sides split! His magic is sprinkled with puns, props and loads of audience participation. Oh, and if you ask him if he juggles, he'll say no. But don't believe him! He'll not only juggle, but he'll make YOU juggle, too! Tom's magic shows are perfect for all ages!

When Jay is not performing his silly magic shows, he enjoys playing the tin whistle, watching Star Wars and playing with his bunny, Princess Leia  (Who also enjoys accompanying Tom Foolery with his magic!)

Jay has also added THEATER to his resume in the past 6 years, having appeared in many on stage performances for Neverland Theatre in Beverly. His most memorable roles are the Mad Hatter and Mr. Smee (Of Peter Pan fame!)

Jay prides himself on his showmanship and professionalism! So, please, if you have any further questions, price inquiries or jokes to share, do not hesitate to contact him directly at Fooltales@aol.com