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Magic Workshop for Kids, with Jay Menice (Tom Foolery!)

Ages 6 years and up...

Jay will come out to your party, library or event and share some of his magic skills! The kids will even MAKE their own trick to amaze their friends and family! (Price depends on how many children in the group)

Storytelling Workshop for Kids, with Susie Lord (Susie Magoozy!)

Ages 6 years and up...

Susie will come out to your party, library or event and share her storytelling secrets, using puppets, props and imagination!

Arts and Crafts:

Art has always been a passion of Susie's. She holds a degree in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. So, as an offshoot of Fooltales, Susie has started what she likes to call Wonderland Arts and Enrichment! She has gathered some of her talented colleagues, each with their own forte, and is sending them on a mission to spread the word about creativity and art! For kids up to teens, here are some of the fun things WAE has to offer!

Art Camps for teens- gather some teens, name the time and place and we'll learn about Art, Artists and create our own masterpieces, exploring different mediums.

School age Arts and Crafts Camps- We'll do experiments, explore different mediums and even make our own picture books!

Adventure Crafts (Preschool/Toddler)

Having a party? We'll come out and do some crafts! Give us the theme and we're on it!

Super heroes, Fairies, Cars...you name it!

*Prices depend on how many participants.

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Wonderland Arts & Enrichment Center